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Pass savings and values on to customers:
KRECO is always your reliable partner, a hi-tech manufacturer, a real good quality delivered Chinese supplier, a real bridge among the world, established in 2008, based in GBA of China, Equity Code: 891359, Medical Registration number 20200118, European & USA brand 'IPSKRE'. We bought ourself industrial manufacturing plant, Designed by KRECO, Made in China, succeed in the past, and will successful in future, not only for electronics, electrical appliance, but also for health care & medical industry.
Products are Electrical Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Electronic Components.

Integrity business principle:
Under the core value 'integrity' (honest and sincere) and the mission  'to empower customers', KRECO provides clients with vertical customized products and solutions.  

Take advantage of low cost sourcing platform without leaving your country : 
We have partner-cooperated and well-controlled with many different categored factories, since KRECO has many good & closed friend resources in the market. Every month, it is able to produce millions of products each category, which is ensured and have been proved by timely delivery.

Design and creative services:
In the meantime, KRECO has a powerful R&D team to research and design new popular products. Furthermore, KRECO has a super high quality control system, customer service system, order follow-up system, On-time delivery system, logistic system, supply chain management system.

From initial idea to final shipping:
KRECO always strives to maintain the highest safety standard and quality products. By making our best efforts to improve efficiency and corporate thriftiness allowed the company to pass savings and values on to customers. By now, our products are being sold in over 77 countries and regions. All honored clients can get professional sales service from our company.