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After school, I was singing on the playground with my close classmates
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The sound of cicadas and birds.
The sound of birds, the chirping of cicadas, the soaring of frogs, the chirping of crickets.
Singing and so on, these sounds are so clear and beautiful,
if not for the sound of these animals,
then nature will be bleak and desolate, is a lifeless nature, people will not have fun,
so these sounds embellish nature, add endless vitality and charm to nature.

After school, I was walking on the playground with my close classmates. Suddenly, a very strange sound came from my ears. We followed the sound towards a big tree. When we reached the foot of the tree, my companion made a shush and pointed to the direction of the leaves. I raised my head and suddenly understood the source of the sound. It turned out to be the green birdsong.

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